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Strategic Energy Technology Plan conference 2010

A Belgian EU Presidency conference trio ewi-vlaanderen European Commision

The Strategic Energy Technology (SET)-Plan is the technology pillar of the EU's energy and climate policy. It is a blueprint for Europe to develop a world-class portfolio of affordable, clean, efficient and low emission energy technologies through coordinated research and has been proposed by the Commission in 2007 and endorsed by Member States and the European Parliament as the appropriate way forward. It lays out the EU's strategy to accelerate the development of these technologies and their market breakthrough.


The SET-Plan describes concrete actions to build a coherent energy research landscape in Europe. The idea is to better organize research efforts across Europe, selecting technologies with the greatest potential and planning together how money should be invested. Investments should remove the bottlenecks in the development of low-carbon technologies. Together with the industry, the European Commission identified the six Industrial Inititatives and several other priorities up to 2020.